Pleasant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Pleasant Manufacturing is located in a well organized and maintained 24,000 sq. ft. facility.   Our compliment of machines are capable of working with parts within the following range of specifications:

Bar turning up to 2-7/8" diameter                  Tumbling, Vibrating and Honning
Chuck work up to 10" diameter                     Stamping & Marking
Lengths up to 40"                                           Light assembly
Tight Tolerances to +/-.0005

CNC Controlled Production Lathes

(1) Hanwah XD26  (swiss style machine)

(1) Eurotech Elite : B465SY2 Trofeo 11 Axis twin spindle, twin turret

(2) Miyano BNE:  8 axis twin spindle, twin turret
(3) Miyano BNJ-42: 7 axis twin turret, twin spindle
(1) Miyano BNJ-42:  6 axis twin turret, twin spindle
(3) Index ABC Speedline
(1) Miyano KNC 45
(4) Miyano  BNC 34 & 34T
(1) Miyano BNC 20
(1) Miyano JNC 60

Multi-Spindle Automatic Production Machines

(2) Hydromat
Bar work up to 1" diameter                                     
Part inverting and other specialty attachments
Rear end and vertical drilling, taping milling, etc.       
Horizontal drilling, tapping, milling, etc.

Quality Parts For Your Quality Products